De inspirerende Marie Forleo vertelt je in 3 minuten waar het om draait bij het vermarkten van de dienstverlening van de eenpitter. Laat je niet gek maken door de marketingliteratuur die vooral de grote ondernemingen bedient en ga uit van een paar simpele regels.



  • Understand your customer's core frustrations and demonstrate that you can solve them.
  • Become a pillar of the community that you want to serve.
  • Where do they all hang out?
  • You want to go with the intention to serve, offer value, and make connections.
  • Free content marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers, offer value, and stay on top of mind.
  • Build an email opt-in newsletter list for customers and prospects to stay in front of them.
  • When they are ready to buy, you're the person they are going to reach for.
  • Social proof such as testimonials and case studies backs up your company and services.